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AAEA U. of A. Scholarships

This AAEA initiative established endowed University of Alberta scholarships at the senior undergraduate and Masters levels commencing in the 1999-2000 academic year with the support of the Province of Alberta's, AAFRD, Agricultural Initiatives Program.

This two endowed annual scholarships recognize students deserving of recognition because of their scholastic achievement and their commitment, contribution, initiative and leadership at the University, in the community and in Alberta's agri-industry.

Respectively these scholarships are the:

I. "AAEA Undergraduate Scholarship"
A $500.00 scholarship awarded to a full-time student enrolled in the third or fourth year of a B.Sc. Applied Economics or Agri-food Business Management program in the Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Home Economics who has achieved a grade point average of 7.5 in their most recent academic year.
II. "AAEA Masters Scholarship"
A $1000.00 scholarship awarded to a student enrolled in a M.Sc. program in Agricultural Economics or Agri-Food Business Management or Natural Resource Economics in the Department of Rural Economy who has achieved a grade point average of 7.5 in their first year of their Masters program.

Endowed Scholarship Support Welcome

These AAEA scholarships have been established as endowments and additional support for these scholarships is possible and welcomed at any time. Contributions made payable to the "University of Alberta" and specifying the "AAEA scholarship of your choice" can be sent to: Student Awards, Office of the Registrar, 103 Administration Building, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB T6G2M7 and a tax deductible receipt will be issued.

AAEA U. of A. Masters Scholarship Recipients
Academic YearRecipientProgram
1999-2000Mike PatriquinMSc
2001-2002Armstrong Duku-KaakyineMSc
2002-2003Xiaochoa QianMSc
2003-2004Ge GaoMSc
2004-2005Kinga UtoMSc
2005-2006Bryce Edward Roger StewartMSc
2006-2007Vanessa Pearl GoodmanMAg/MBA
2007-2008Curtis David BoydMSc
AAEA U. of A. Undergraduate Scholarship Recipients
Academic YearRecipientHometownProgram
1999-2000Keith HennelStettlerBSc Ag Bus Mngt
2000-2001Christine DeRoseEdmontonBSc Ag/Food Bus Mngt
2001-2002Benjamin ShankClydeBSc Ag Bus Mngt
2002-2003Reanna AndrewsLumby, BCBSc Ag Bus Mngt
2003-2004Trish Brown
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